Shameless Poaching - English Learning
I liked this educational video for a whole lot of reasons, its being complete with subtitles one of them. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Level: Intermediate going on Upper-Intermediate
Pronunciation Highlights: exploratory
American Slang For: Money
Grammar: Relative Clauses

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Brainstorming Ideas
Let's roll!
Your passionate desire to learn English being the common denominator, you people are still a rather motley crew with few affinities if any. I suggest you put your heads together to create a general outline of a syllabus which would promote communication, ensure enduring interest and facilitate your learning, not to mention my delivering the goods ;) Of course I have come up with a few brilliant ideas of my own but I'd like you to share yours first.

Error Policy. For all of you who are self-conscious about an occasional typo or a misspelling I have screened comments. Feel free to contribute whatever you find appropriate, useful or just fun.

Don't hesitate to ask me any relevant questions (and irrelevant too as long as your grammar and word choice are correct) - and WELCOME!

New Year's Resolutions
■Drink Less Alcohol
■Get a Better Education
■Get a Better Job
■Get Fit
■Health-e-Cards for Holidays and New Year
■Lose Weight
■Manage Debt
■Quit Smoking Now
■Reduce Stress at Work
■Reduce Stress Overall
■Save Money
■Take a Trip
■Volunteer to Help Others

Would you like to add more? What are your personal New Year's Resolutions? Looking back, how good were you at keeping them?


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