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Word and Phrase Search
vivi_sectionist wrote in english_in_use
As we've covered a wide range of vocabulary I suggest you rake your brain and come up with answers to the following definitions:

1) to figure out where you are and where you're going
2) pay close attention to what is being said (2 var.)
3) make smth easier
4) completely removing yourself from a bad situation
5)to be infected with a disease or obsessed with a desire/idea to do smth
6) have complete control over smb
7) to start to successfully use the skills you've just learnt
8) a large building or group of buildings with thick stone walls, and often a moat (a medieval ______ )
9) a quilified person who teaches you how to drive
10) if you can't say what you mean because you can't remember the right words you're ______ _____ ______
11) if you successfully pass a test or exam with great ease, you pass it _____ _______ _______
12) do things in a completely new/different way

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