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Breaking the Ice: Session One Recap
vivi_sectionist wrote in english_in_use
As an intro, we decided to talk about the students' background in learning English. The students shared their respective experiences and drew similarities and found differences between them. It helped build confidence and we started to feel at ease around each other. I, as a teacher, got some insights into self-study and language acquisition proper since most emphasis has been placed on picking up the language "the natural way" by simply listening, watching and reading.

We went on to discuss the nine pictures below, describing the situation, what might be said, and what all these pictures have in common. It dawned on us that they all have something to do with LISTENING!

147.12 КБ

After completing the tasks - and I challenge you to write a sentence or two that could point to the picture you've chosen without revealing its letter so that the others can guess which picture it is - we looked back on some new words we'd used and talked some more about ways of memorising new vocabulary.
Time passed very quickly and the lesson was over before we knew it! I do hope we enjoy all the sessions to follow as much as we enjoyed this one!


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