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Relative Clauses
vivi_sectionist wrote in english_in_use

1 Underline any relative pronouns that can be left out in these sentences.

a) I think that my boss is the person who I admire most.
b) Harry, who was tired, went to bed very early.
c) We're taking the train that leaves at 6.00.
d) Have you seen the book that I left here on the desk?
e) The film which we liked most was the French one.
f) My radio, which isn't very old, has suddenly stopped working.
g) The clothes which you left behind are at the reception desk.
h) The couple who met me at the station took me out to dinner.
i) Last week I ran into an old friend who I hadn't seen for ages.
j) Don't cook the meat that I put in the freezer - it's for the dog.

Question: What is the general rule about defining/non-defining relative clauses?

2 Replace the relative pronoun underlined with that, where possible.

E.G. a) This is the magazine which I told you about.
This is the magazine that I told you about

b) John's flat, which is in the same block as mine, is much larger.
c) The girl whose bag I offered to carry turned out to be an old friend.
d) The policeman who arrested her had recognised her car.
e) I work with someone who knows you.
f) We don't sell goods which have been damaged.
g) Brighton, which is on the south coast, is a popular holiday resort.
h) I don't know anyone whose clothes would fit you.
i) There's a pub near here which serves very good meals.
j) People who park outside get given parking tickets.

3 Decide whether each sentence contains a defining or a non-defining relative clause.

a) Everyone who got to the sales early found excellent bargains. - defining

b) Leave the questions which you can't answer until the end.
c) Helen picked up the book, which had a green cover.
d) The guests who were late didn't have enough to eat.
e) Sue, who was extremely hungry, decided to cook some spaghetti.
f) The person I spoke to before said the repair would be free of charge.
g) My bedroom, which was rather small, looked out on a noisy street, h) David's sister, who likes cats, offered to take one of the kittens.
i) The person who finishes first will be the winner, of course.
j) Smith, who had earlier missed a penalty, scored after twenty minutes.

4 Choose the most suitable word in each sentence.

a) My friend Jack, that/who/whose parents live in Glasgow, invited me to spend Christmas in Scotland.

b) Here's the computer program that/whom/whose I told you about.
c) I don't believe the story that/who/whom she told us.
d) Peter comes from Witney, that/who/which is near Oxford.
e) This is the gun with that/whom/which the murder was committed.
f) Have you received the parcel whom/whose/which we sent you ?
g) Is this the person who/which/whose you asked me about?
h) That's the girl that/who/whose brother sits next to me at school,
i) The meal, that/which/whose wasn't very tasty, was quite expensive,
j) We didn't enjoy the play that/who/whose we went to see.

Taken from First Certificate Language Practice


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