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alice_girl wrote in english_in_use
Our dear teacher vivi_sectionist  asked me to share my shopping expearence (considering it to be fun)).
So, it looks like running over dozen of stores and hardly buying two things. Watching and trying on make me happy enough and I also enjoy this way of saving money.
And what about your shopping practice?

Sorry for mistakes)))

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Sure I am! But it doesn`t mean I always behave like that. If I realy like something I buy it anyway.

(Deleted comment)
I would like to, but my soul is usually wounded by cash-out))). So I go on shopping wnen I feel like making a present to myself (may I say "my sweet self" or "my lovely self?)))))

As for clothes, shoes, groceries, household items -- I go to a shop with a list and clear idea of what I want. Rarely - if ever - I buy something that is not in the list. I shop fast and get the hell out.

Now, bookstores and hi-tech shops are totally different story. This is my place for relaxation and meditation, seriously. I can easily spend an hour or two there, especially given the fact that I can read books in the bookstore and will not be frowned upon.

Oh, if you were also allowed to use all gadgets in hi-tech shops!

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